Yooo, I’m Carina!

Let me photograph you, kay?

I must admit, I wasn't born with a vintage 35mm camera in my hand. And I'm not in love with love, either. What a weird thing to say, right?

I'm actually in love with my husband and our quirky little house with holes in the walls.

I really like eating pizza and watching movies in the bath. At the same time.

I really REALLY like my dishwasher.

I have my next five tattoos planned out.

I drink a Shirley Temple at every single wedding.

Cooking over baking.

Perpetually trying to learn Spanish.

When I'm not photographing things, I produce a nationally syndicated radio show. Wanna trade Spotify playlists?

I deactivated my Facebook account, so don't look for me there!

I have a soft spot for elopements and adventurous, creative, non-traditional couples. Desination wedding? BRING IT ON. If you want to get married on a mountaintop at dawn, I'll set my alarm for 3am and bring Clif bars. Go ahead and wear a black jumpsuit; Granny will survive. It is absolutely positively good luck to get married outside in the rain. 100 bonus points for smashing cake in each other's faces. I'm not saying I hope someone throws the groom in the lake, all I'm saying is that would make a hilarious photo.

I shoot weddings in a behind-the-scenes, unobtrusive way. I will place you in beautiful light in front of a killer backdrop and capture just how well you cleaned up for the party. I make sure to take tons of candids of your guests, too. It's fun to photograph your shoes and bling and decorations, but your loved ones who have made the trip to celebrate with you are way more important. Don't be afraid of portraits - I will make sure you feel comfortable and relaxed so you look natural and in love on camera.

I offer two basic packages but can definitely create a custom quote to ensure you get exactly what you want from your wedding photographs. 

Photos by Inna Spivakova / Peach Plum Pear

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